Ultrasound produces sound waves that are beamed into the body causing return echoes that are recorded to “visualize” structures beneath the skin. The ability to measure different echoes reflected from a variety of tissues allows a shadow picture to be constructed. The technology is especially accurate at seeing the interface between solid and fluid filled spaces. These are actually the same principles that allow SONAR on boats to see the bottom of the ocean.

Ultrasound waves are safe and are harmless even for pregnant women and fetus.
Faith is equipeed with best ultrasound machines in the region with the state art technology and 3D/4D facilitites.

  1. E10 GE
  2. E8 GE
  3. S8 Core GE
  4. Epiq 7G Philips.

All ultrasound are performed here:
TVS( Transvaginal Scan)
TRUS ( Transrectal ultrasound )
Paediatric abdomen ultrasound
Scrotal ultrasound
Musculoskeletal ultrasound
orbital ultrasound
Neck ultrasound
Breast ultrasound
Thyroid ultrasound
All Obstetric ultrasound

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