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Before Pregnancy/Pre Conceptional Counseling

Genetics is a branch which deals with the genetic material i.e. Chromosomes and DNA. A clinical geneticist is a specialized doctor who deals with the various disorders related to genetic material. For patients with genetic disease or family history of genetics disorder, a detailed work up is done including clinical examination, genetic tests followed by complete genetic counseling regarding further management and risk of recurrence.

Reproductive genetics is subset of genetics which deals with Prenatal screening, infertility issues, recurrent abortions, congenital malformations and periconceptional counseling.

We have Dr Sakshi as our clinical geneticist who specializes in Genetics and provides comprehensive care for all type of genetic disorders, specifically related to reproductive genetics. Genetic counseling is done in highly confidential manner and patiently to address all the concerns of the patient/Family. Multiple sessions of genetic counseling may be needed.

When do you need a genetic counseling


  1. H/O Recurrent abortions /Infertility
  2. Carrier screening
  3. In case of previous baby with any birth defect,
    Intrauterine death, sudden infant death, neuromuscular
    abnormality, development delay, autism, mental retardation.
  4. Family history of any suspected genetic disease in the family like:
    • Aneuploidies– Down syndrome (trisomy 21), trisomy 13 & 18.
    • Musculoskeleton– DMD (Duchene’s muscular dystrophy), SMA (Spinal muscular dystrophy)
    • Blood related– Thalassemia, Sickle cell anemia, Hemophillia
    • Inborn error of metabolism
    • Bone related– Osteogenesis imperfecta, skeletal dysplasias, short stature
    • Others- cystic fibrosis, congenital cataract, micro ophthalmia………… many more


  1. Advanced maternal age
  2. H/O TORCH infection during pregnancy.
  3. High risk for aneuploidy in antenatal screening
  4. History of drug/alcohol intake.
  5. If USG shows any Birth defect in the fetus, unexplained IUGR or any other abnormal fetal morphology.
  6. In case of Family history/previous baby with suspected genetic disease. (If missed pre conceptional counseling)

Services provided

1. Genetic counseling

2. Genetic sonogram

3.Genetic tests

  1. NIPS (Non invasive prenatal screening)
  2. FISH (Florescent In Situ Hybridization)
  3. Karyotype
  4. MLPA (Multiplex ligation probe amplification)
  5. CMA (Chromosomal microarray)
  6. NGS (Next Generation sequencing)

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